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What Our Clients Have to Say

With her approachable personality, amiable demeanor, and brilliant way of dealing with life with a sense of humor, our founder makes everyone feel comfortable around her. Discover why many clients love her by reading the testimonials below:

"Amiah has been a positive influence in my life since the first day we met. Her charisma, elegance, and talent all have inspired me along my journey. Undoubtedly she helps to guide those she works with and gives an intrinsic value to your conversations. Leaving you with the desire to aspire more for yourself and others as well. She also predicted the gender of my baby girl and zodiac sign correctly with just a belly picture."

- Giselle R.C., Business Owner, Counselor, and Published Author, New York


"Amiah gives me encouragements and boosts my confidence through her psychic abilities. The first time I talked with her, she told me that I have a problem with my thyroid. I didn't tell anyone outside my family about that. She detected it just by listening to me. I'm always grateful for her intuition and her advice especially in making breakthroughs with my finances and my health. Thank you, Amiah, for genuinely caring. May you continue to shine your light."

Joan Mae, Philippines

Author - Remember Who You Are

"Amiah is a natural born psychic-healer and artist. She can heal the heart, body and soul. Her captivating smile alone is very healing. I love her down-to-earth and vivacious nature and strong passion for helping people. Her knowledge is so broad like a walking Encyclopedia. She taught me how to appreciate life more fully. She is a world changer."

- Liezel C., Hongkong

“Amiah is a natural teacher. She's not only energetic, considerate, and full of wisdom, but she also has rare talents. Although she's younger than me, she has lots to teach me. I admire her way of thinking. She's also a very caring and proud mom of two and a sincere friend. I'm very fortunate to have her as a friend.”

- Serap N., School Teacher, Turkey

"Amiah is a genuinely caring person who really cares about my personal well-being and finances. She has been very helpful and has given me many tips about losing weight the healthy and frugal way. I'm happy to say that I've lost 5 lbs. in just two weeks, and love it. I am very grateful for her kindness and pragmatism."

- Willynn O., School Teacher, Hawaii

"Amiah truly cares, and has so much knowledge in natural medicine. In just three months, not only did she help me cure my thyroid problems, she also helped me save money. She's beautiful inside and out."

- Joy E., Australia

Transformational Life Learning Services

Helping You Find Solutions for a Successful Life

Learn how to maximize your potential with help from Love First - The Ultimate Key to Success. Through life coaching and transformational learning, we help clients from all walks of life succeed in all areas and live life with intense passion.

What We Offer: 

Whole Person Health Approach and Identifying the Root Cause of the Problem

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Get to Know Amiah Love

Amiah Love is a certified holistic health practitioner, a natural-born psychic healer with healing hands, medium, with the gift of prophecy. She has been making accurate predictions since the young age of 11. Studious by nature, she is a linguist and an intercultural expert, with more than 18 years of combined experience in the healing arts and in transformational counseling. She takes pride in being a spiritual revolutionary, a teacher, a humanist, and a firm believer that everything in life is negotiable.  

Amiah views her psychic vision as a gift of love she offers that can reroute a person’s life into a positive direction, comfort them through the storms, and elevate their confidence and put them on the path of their destiny, with guiding them towards solutions of life’s problems.

A Multifaceted Artist

Amiah is the author of Love First - The Ultimate Key to Success release date to be announced. 

People who personally know Amiah say that she is a multi-faceted artist. Apart from being a singer known for her distinctively sultry musical voice, Amiah is a TV host, filmmaker, film choreographer/director, and actress.

A Spiritual and Social Revolutionary

She is also a widely appreciated spiritual revolutionary who is known for creating white magic. Amiah has been studying holistic health nutrition to uncover and help heal the root causes of illness. She is a humanist and a philosopher at heart who loves uniting people and creating social reform in line with humanitarian and moral principles.

With her strong drive to help others and the ability to come up with effective and unique solutions to problems, she is adept in providing transformational healing, clarity, and insights

into the human experience.

A Compassionate Volunteer

Amiah walked the runways for the Jams World Fashion and Rock 'N Roll show to support the Hawaii Children's Cancer Foundation and the HCC Fashion Show (produced by Andy South of Project Runway fame) to support fashion design students. 

A Mover and Shaker

She established the Young Professionals Networking Event, an organization in Hawaii that combines business networking and social fun. Amiah is also the founder of Let's Get Physical Hawaii, which aims to motivate people to exercise.

Amiah Love was featured on the M Lifestyle Magazines twice available in more than 200 outlets worldwide.