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It Starts and Ends with Love

Posted on October 19, 2017 at 8:50 PM

I was four when I began seeing things no one else could. It didn’t strike me yet as anything but ordinary - I see things before they happen. I have a great sense of knowingness and tend to predict things before they happen. It would be years before I realized that what I have is a gift. Ah! I have a third eye! I knew it all along. LOL!

I am of a sympathetic nature and have an unexplainable connection with people. I am very maternal and even care for people I do not know. Since my 20's, I have served as a confidante, and advisor to many of my friends and clients. They shared with me their deepest sorrows, losses, hurts and setbacks in life.

In 2007, I began studying tarot cards. It can be compared to learning a new language. Tarot cards give clarity, pictorial representations of events and energies that we are likely to encounter in life such as determination, new beginnings, leaving things behind, financial and career success, joy, togetherness, heartache, reflection, decision-making, find deep healing and transformation, the right relationship for you, your twin flame, and your soulmate. It can also give you specifics about physical appearance and personality.

I helped friends and clients call onto the tarot cards to know what lay ahead of them and get a different perspective on life, help them make life-altering decisions, find their way through the path destined for them with the help of my mind and my cards. And all this I did out of love – love for what I do and the gift that has been bestowed on me by the Higher Powers!

And today, I have opened my doors to more people worldwide who are in need of spiritual guidance and love, life and career counseling using the talent and skills I’ve learned through my lifetime as a Psychic Empath-Clairvoyant and Tarot Card Reader!

My passion to serve humanity is the inception of 'Love First-The Ultimate Key To Success' which I launched in April 7, 2015. I am Amiah Love, and I’d like to welcome you all to my blog!

Much Love,

Amiah Love

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